Academic Events

International Scientific Conference “Genocides, Mass Murders and Deportations on Ukrainian Lands during the World War II: How to Work with Sources
Conference Program – 2018

Research Workshop “Multiplicity of Divisions: Boundaries and Borders of the Habsburg, Ottoman, and Russian Empires in the 19th –early 20th Century
Workshop Program – 2017

International Conference “Mass Violence and Genocides in Ukrainian Lands in 1930-1940s
Conference Program 2016

International Conferences “Jews in the Ethnic Mosaic of Ukrainian Lands
Conference Program 2011
Conference Program 2014
Conference Program 2015

International Conference “Ethno-political problems of World War II in Ukraine
Conference Program 2012

Summer schools

Summer School “Borderlands Studies in East Central Europe and the Black Sea Regions”
Kharkiv, 2018 – Summer school program
Kharkiv, 2019 – Summer school program


Yevreyi v etnichnij mozaici ukrainskych zemel XIX–XXI stolittia (Ed. S. Naumov). Kharkiv: V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, ISBN 978-966-285-239-4 (in Ukrainian)

Research Projects

The Patterns of Jewish Migration from the Pale of Settlement – 2015-2020

The Holocaust in contemporary Ukrainian historical education – 2012-2016

Public and Education Project

Round table: “Collaborations in the Holocaust in Ukraine: collective portrait, motivations, local features” (Lviv, July 2017)

Public discussion “Knowledge and memory of the Holodomor in contemporary Ukraine: who controls the Past?” (Kyiv, October 2016)

Public discussion “Ukrainian Nationalism and the Jews (1920s-1950s)” (Kyiv, May 2016)

Discussion “Ukrainian Contexts of Jewish Studies” (Lviv, August 4, 2015)

Public discussion “The museum policy in Ukraine: History and Modernity” (Kharkiv, 2012)

Polish-Ukrainian-Belarusian Project “Jewish Heritage of Belarus and Ukraine: preservation, education, popularization” (2011-2012)

Exhibition “Holocaust by Bullets: The mass shooting of Jews in Ukraine in 1941-1944” in Kharkiv (2011)