Video: OUN (Melnyk Faction) Activists and Anti-Jewish Violence in Kyiv

On September 22, 2017, at 7.00 pm Yuri Radchenko gave a lecture “OUN (Melnyk Faction) Activists and Anti-Jewish Violence in Kyiv, 1941–43” at the University of Alberta (3-58 PEMBINA HALL).

This presentation will explore the participation of “expeditionary groups” of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists’ Melnyk faction, or OUN(M), in the Holocaust in Kyiv. To what extent was the participation of members of its paramilitary Bukovynian Battalion (Bukovynskyi kurin) influential during anti-Jewish activities in the Ukrainian capital in 1941? What was the role of other members of the OUN(M) who joined the police and local administrations in killing local Jews during the first days of the Nazi occupation, confiscating Jewish property, and turning over Jews who were hiding their identity to the Germans? After German repressions began against Ukrainian nationalists in the winter of 1941/42, did Melnykites continue to take part in anti-Jewish actions? The presentation is based on unpublished sources from Ukrainian, German, American, and Israeli archives, including the testimony of an OUN(M) activist, Marta Zybachynsky.